I often tell people that your website is just another employee. It should be working for you. It should look professional. It should be friendly and considerate. And it should ultimately be creating more revenue for your organization.

Is your website doing these things for you? Here’s a helpful checklist for you to see how good of an “employee” your website really is:

  • Is it well-dressed (i.e. Does it look presentable/appealing)?
  • Are people able to easily find what they need? (You may have to do some user research for this one.)
  • Is your copywriting clear and helpful (or jargon-filled and overly verbose)?
  • Are your images high-quality?
  • If selling online, are people staying in the shopping cart until checkout – or abandoning before paying?
  • Is it bringing in more traffic year over year?
  • Is it driving as many conversions as you want it to (this could be newsletter sign-ups, social shares, sales, etc.)?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?
  • Is it readily findable through a Google/Bing/Yahoo search?
  • Do you get a substantial amount of complaints about the site? (If so, are you continuously addressing those complaints?)
  • Lastly, are you genuinely “happy” with your site? Do you personally like how it looks/works/functions? (Believe it or not, it helps build employee confidence when you like your own site – as opposed to being embarrassed by or displeased by it.)

If your site is lacking or struggling in any of these areas, it’s worth looking into and making some changes. You want to have the best “employee” possible in such a public-facing role.

Let us know if you need help improving your site, or need further recommendations on how to address these issues. We’d be glad to assist. We want you to have a superstar workforce – and your website is a huge part of that!