How NOT to manage your team

Never say thank you
Never praise anyone’s work or character
Never genuinely ask how they’re doing
Never linger and shoot the breeze from time to time
Never recognize their accomplishments in front of others

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Why Those Who Hustle Always Win

Usually the road to the top is rather long. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get there. It simply means you may have to run a little faster. Work a little harder. Climb a little […]

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Ever wonder how to improve your business overnight?

I’ll tell you.

It’s simple. But hard.

It requires day in, day out, consistent effort.

Perseverance. Intentionality.

What is it?

2 words.

6 letters.



That’s it.

Be nice.

To everyone. All the time.

Watch how you talk. How […]


Isn’t just the best policy. It’s the only policy. Once you lie, deceive, misinform, etc. – the trust is broken. And trust is something that takes quite a long time to earn, and only a split […]

Work/Life (Un)Balance

Many companies talk about a so-called “Work/Life Balance” – but there are very (very) few companies who truly take this seriously.

Did you know that most people spend about 10 hours per day at work and […]

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On taking care of your own

When’s the last time you asked your employees how they’re doing?

And not just on projects. I mean, really, truly, sincerely asked them how they’re doing? How’s their family? How’s their life? How are they?

I’ve been part of too […]

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