Isn’t just the best policy. It’s the only policy. Once you lie, deceive, misinform, etc. – the trust is broken. And trust is something that takes quite a long time to earn, and only a split second to destroy. It’s a valuable asset, but an extremely fragile one at that. A rare, exquisite vase worth millions – that could crash to pieces on the floor with one careless move.

So are you honest? (Are we all?) Do you regularly encourage your employees to be honest, even if it comes at great cost to them or your company? Because that’s the thing. We almost always lie to either protect ourselves, or to get some benefit. But truth be told, doesn’t it always backfire in the long-run anyways?

So let’s be honest. Seriously. Build it into the DNA of your organization. It will keep you from ruining relationships with your customers, your partners, your vendors – and even your friends and family. Sometimes it hurts to be honest, but it’s always worth it to do so.

Keep the trust alive.  Tell the truth. You’ll never regret it.

It’s the only policy worth having.

Onwards and upwards.